The Sexy Beast Diet is the man’s guide to a lifetime of healthy and satisfying eating. Photo by Graeme Weatherston

Dieting Sucks

The Sexy Beast Diet will be the first diet book with an attitude. Written for men, it’ll be a bit edgy. Parents with young children may want to keep it on a top closet shelf.

Why am I writing this?

“Aren’t there thousands of books on dieting already?” you ask.

You bet.

But there are plenty of men who are, um, let’s call it…”hefty,” who wouldn’t get four pages into any diet book out there today.

I know. I’m friends with about a hundred of them.

These guys still need to understand what is making them, ah, hefty, how this extra weight is slowly killing them—really, killing them (see Chapter Two)—and how to get a handle on it.

Short and sweet—I’m writing it in fewer words than the number of angels who can sit on the head of a pin—The Sexy Beast Diet is a book chock full of vital information delivered with enough spice to keep any man reading.

Why the title?

Every man, with the possible exception of the pope, thinks he’s a sexy beast. I figure men will see themselves in the title, but the title does more work than that, it gives women an opening to discuss weight issues with a man she loves.

I figure women will hand The Sexy Beast Diet to their guys and say, “Honey, you’re a sexy beast, but I’m worried about your health so you need to read this.”

I know that’s kind of a backhanded compliment with an underlying touch of manipulation, but getting your loved ones to maintain the proper weight is an essential proposition that sometimes requires unorthodox measures.

Read it for free.

I’ll post chapters of the book here as I write them. It would be great to have your input: What works, what doesn’t. Are the jokes funny? Obnoxious? Are there typos?

Please make a note of your suggestions in the comment box that follows each chapter.

The first two chapters are up. You can find Chapter One by clicking on “Chapters” in the menu above.

Thanks! Steve

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  2 Responses to “Dieting Sucks”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    When you see my first three chapters you won’t believe it. We could hit the national bestsellers together. It’s called Liten-Up! the 2yr Diet

    When we met years ago, I was in the middle of a ten-year journey that failed writing screenplays. You spoke at the Ventura County Writer’s Club. I have been staring at your how to write a non-fiction book proposal for about three years. And just yesterday I made a pdf of the first three chapters of my book.

    The first thing I planned to do with it was send it to you to see if you thought you could take me where you took Dr. Gott and Dr. Ruth. Billy Martin

    I stopped my Boomer Column after 12 issues ending with my best piece, Boomers and 1969 – Feb 2016. There is one on my diet in there too, not sure which issue. I began it in March 2015. The book was written in the same voice as my column and the plan is to syndicate the coluumn and sell the book and have each pay off for the other. Funny thing. In the book I make a strong case for getting another diet book to use in tandem with mine. Why not Sexy Beast? Two is better than one.

    • Hi Billy,
      Congratulations on your first 3 chapters. I fear I’ve put all my publishing endeavors on hold until I get up and flying. I do wish you the best of luck with it. Diet books are evergreens, there’s alwasy a need for another.

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