Nov 222011

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Everyone wants to be sexy.

Men want to be virile and sexy.

Women want to be beautiful and sexy.

Ok, maybe not everyone.

I had a high school civics teacher who used to always say, “never say ‘never’” so, in the spirit of Mr. Hull, perhaps I misspoke.

It is possible some people don’t want to be sexy. The Pope comes to mind.

And, apparently President Jimmy Carter didn’t care about turning a fair maiden’s head, at not least while he was in the White House, but, for every Jimmy Carter, there’s 1,001 Bill Clintons.

I’m willing to bet you aren’t a Jimmy Carter or the Pope.

Know what women find sexy?

The ability to listen. Women love to talk, and their favorite subject is themselves. Simply listen, nod, and ask a simple question now and then and you’ll be spending more time between the sheets than on the sports page.

Confidence. It isn’t that confidence is such a turn on as it is that indecisiveness is such a turn off. Make up your mind. Stick to your decisions. Sexy Beasts are confident beasts.

• Wisdom. Keep up on the universe and all its goings-on. This may mean you’ll have to do some reading. Suck it up.

Industriousness. Doubt a good work ethic is sexy? Try this for a pick up line sometime: “I haven’t been able to find a job for a couple of years now, so I live with my mom.”

Scintillating conversation. When she isn’t talking, she wants you to talk. If you can’t think of anything to say, ask something about her. See “The ability to listen” above.

Fitness. Most women say they don’t put an emphasis on looks to the degree men do, but check around and see how many women you know who find beer bellies attractive.

Know what women don’t find sexy?

Fat. She’ll be impressed if you can heft a 90-pound sack of cement, but not if you have one hanging over your belt or stored in the seat of your pants. Wiggle a double chin at her and see if her eyes gleam with lust.

Lack of cleanliness. Poor grooming or bad hygiene is a big turn off. It also results in insipid sex. If she smelled bad, would you…?

Meanness. You may have heard that women go for bad boys, but that doesn’t translate into treating her badly. Sexy Beasts are gentlemen.

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