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Hmmm, maybe I do need a new husband.

In my friend Jim Frey’s excellent guide How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II, (start reading it here) he tells of a woman at one of his workshops who complained she didn’t have time to write:

I suggested she quit her job.

She smiled sheepishly and said she couldn’t do that. They had a big mortgage and her husband liked to travel, so they were making payments on a Winnebago. Her husband would kill her, she said, if she quit her job.

I said she should get another husband.

She blinked with astonishment. She said I was kidding, of course.

I was not kidding, I said. There are a lot of husbands out there—find one who will support your writing.

She walked away, muttering that I was a lunatic.

I may be, but that doesn’t change the facts. You can’t become a writer if you surround yourself with no-sayers. And if your spouse or live-in lover or roommate is not supporting you, you will have to change either their minds or your living arrangements.

Your ship won’t make much headway dragging an anchor.

How does Jim’s advice apply to dieting? If you need to ask….

Oct 092012

Even the best Scotch only has about 64 calories per ounce. But it’s really easy to overdo the whiskey thing. Be safe if you decide to drink.

 There is an interesting phenomenon at work when we begin to eat or drink something regularly, we begin to like it.

Over the millenniums man has developed a taste for everything from insects to acorns. Why? Because these foods were available.

Eventually those who ate them regularly came to actually prefer them. Insects are still considered a delicacy in parts of the world and acorns, well, acorns didn’t actually make the cut, but you get the point.

You’ll find this eat-it-prefer-it phenomenon will happen automatically as you move to eating only healthy foods.

Jun 142012

Thin, ad-free, and information-packed.

Studies show that chronic inflammation can be a causative factor in heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

But how does your diet come into play?





Best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil’s website states, “Most people consume an excess of omega-6 fatty acids from which the body synthesizes hormones that promote inflammation.”

The website of TV celebrity Dr. Oz follows suit: “If you’ve got too much omega-6, inflammation wins.”

Both suggest limiting your intake of omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are found in sunflower and other vegetable oils.

The problem is studies don’t show that omega-6 increases inflammation. And it might even help you stay healthy.

According to William Harris of the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, avoiding omega-6 vegetable oils isn’t called for: “First, the body converts so little of the omega-6’s linoleic acid into arachidonic acid [the fatty acid that is said to cause inflammation] that its levels don’t budge. And second, the body converts arachidonic acid into both pro- and anti-inflammatory compounds, so it can’t be pigeonholed as one or the other.”

In a 10-week Swedish study of people who got 15 percent of their calories either from butter (saturated fat) or from sunflower oil (omega-6), neither group showed a rise in inflammation or in arachidonic acid.

On the other hand, those eating the omega-6 diet had less liver fat suggesting that their insulin was working better.

Three years ago, due to this and similar studies, the American Heart Association cautioned consumers not to cut back on oils containing omega-6.

But wait, there’s more. According to Harris, “Eating less omega-6 fats is more likely to increase than decrease the risk of heart disease” because omega-6 fats lower the LDL or ‘bad” cholesterol.

So you decide. Scientists and the American Heart Association or celebrity doctors?

Note: My source for this blog is the June 2012 Nutrition Action Healthletter. A thin, valuable newsletter published 10 times a year.

Feb 012012

It's likely that ancient man invented agriculture so he could have an ample beer supply. Photo courtesy Idea Go.

We all know what the oldest profession is, but which do you think came first, baker or brewer?




According to University of Pennsylvania Professor Patrick McGovern, who is known as the “Indiana Jones of Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages,” Neolithic farmers had developed the necessary skills to grow grains so they could brew beer thousands of years before anyone was baking bread.

This means Sexy Beasts were guzzling beer at least 9,000 years ago. I don’t find that surprising. I imagine hunting and gathering from dawn till dusk was thirsty work.

Not only did man’s quest for beer help establish agriculture; it was beer that built the pyramids. The laborers who worked on the pyramids in ancient Egypt were paid in beer; 231,414,717 gallons of it for the pyramid at Giza alone. Anheuser-Busch eat your heart out.

This post is unedited material I’ve written for The Sexy Beast Diet. Constructive criticism is appreciated, after all everyone needs an editor. Just click the “Add Comments” link at the top right. Thanks!

Nov 222011

This post is unedited material I’ve written for The Sexy Beast Diet. Constructive criticism is appreciated, after all everyone needs an editor. Just click the “Add Comments” link at the top right. Thanks!

Everyone wants to be sexy.

Men want to be virile and sexy.

Women want to be beautiful and sexy.

Ok, maybe not everyone.

I had a high school civics teacher who used to always say, “never say ‘never’” so, in the spirit of Mr. Hull, perhaps I misspoke.

It is possible some people don’t want to be sexy. The Pope comes to mind.

And, apparently President Jimmy Carter didn’t care about turning a fair maiden’s head, at not least while he was in the White House, but, for every Jimmy Carter, there’s 1,001 Bill Clintons.

I’m willing to bet you aren’t a Jimmy Carter or the Pope.

Know what women find sexy?

The ability to listen. Women love to talk, and their favorite subject is themselves. Simply listen, nod, and ask a simple question now and then and you’ll be spending more time between the sheets than on the sports page.

Confidence. It isn’t that confidence is such a turn on as it is that indecisiveness is such a turn off. Make up your mind. Stick to your decisions. Sexy Beasts are confident beasts.

• Wisdom. Keep up on the universe and all its goings-on. This may mean you’ll have to do some reading. Suck it up.

Industriousness. Doubt a good work ethic is sexy? Try this for a pick up line sometime: “I haven’t been able to find a job for a couple of years now, so I live with my mom.”

Scintillating conversation. When she isn’t talking, she wants you to talk. If you can’t think of anything to say, ask something about her. See “The ability to listen” above.

Fitness. Most women say they don’t put an emphasis on looks to the degree men do, but check around and see how many women you know who find beer bellies attractive.

Know what women don’t find sexy?

Fat. She’ll be impressed if you can heft a 90-pound sack of cement, but not if you have one hanging over your belt or stored in the seat of your pants. Wiggle a double chin at her and see if her eyes gleam with lust.

Lack of cleanliness. Poor grooming or bad hygiene is a big turn off. It also results in insipid sex. If she smelled bad, would you…?

Meanness. You may have heard that women go for bad boys, but that doesn’t translate into treating her badly. Sexy Beasts are gentlemen.

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