Jan 072018

Hmmm, maybe I do need a new husband.

In my friend Jim Frey’s excellent guide How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II, (start reading it here) he tells of a woman at one of his workshops who complained she didn’t have time to write:

I suggested she quit her job.

She smiled sheepishly and said she couldn’t do that. They had a big mortgage and her husband liked to travel, so they were making payments on a Winnebago. Her husband would kill her, she said, if she quit her job.

I said she should get another husband.

She blinked with astonishment. She said I was kidding, of course.

I was not kidding, I said. There are a lot of husbands out there—find one who will support your writing.

She walked away, muttering that I was a lunatic.

I may be, but that doesn’t change the facts. You can’t become a writer if you surround yourself with no-sayers. And if your spouse or live-in lover or roommate is not supporting you, you will have to change either their minds or your living arrangements.

Your ship won’t make much headway dragging an anchor.

How does Jim’s advice apply to dieting? If you need to ask….

Nov 282011
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Chapter Two: First Things

Let’s get started.

Habit number two of Stephen Covey’s famed The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is “Begin with the end in mind.” Good advice, let’s take it.

Set goals you can meet

I admit, as Sexy Beasts, we shudder at the thought of handcuffing ourselves to any one course. We are free-souls meant to satisfy our every whim and wanderlust.

Of course, there are times when handcuffs may come in handy. If the bedposts are…but wait, I digress.

On the other handcuff…uh, hand, knowing where you are headed has its advantages. For instance, how would you know when you arrived if you didn’t know where you were going?

With this in mind, let’s set some dieting goals. Our goals need to be both firm and reasonable.

The firm part is easy because, as Sexy Beasts, we are decisive beasts, confident in our ability to self discipline.

The reasonable part is a bit harder for us. Let’s face it, there have been times when we’ve bitten off more than we could chew. This isn’t, in itself, a bad thing. Always good to shoot for the moon and all that old chap, but with our dieting we have to be reasonable or we stand the chance of becoming dispirited and a dispirited Sexy Beast is ah…dispiriting.

Let’s set two goals: how much and how soon.